Centre Excuse

Centre Excuse

Artist: Centre Excuse

Single: In Your Mind

Label: New Motion Records


Rating: 3/5

Centre Excuse have been releasing upbeat and catchy tunes all year and this week sees the trio return with their new single In Your Mind.

In Your Mind is probably the heaviest rock track that they have release so far as it is packed with their usual energy but also an aggression that was a little unexpected.

Centre Excuse create their sound by crafting intricate layers of driving rhythms and mixing that with catchy melody but this time around there is more of punk sound to their music.

In Your Mind really does show off another side to the band as they demonstrate that they can be a heavier and more hard-hitting rock band.

Teddy Lewis is also on good form vocally as he gives a very mature performance showing that he his voice really is perfectly suited for this genre.

In Your Mind is a driving track that mixes rock with a bit of electronica with very powerful results that continues the development of this band.

Centre Excuse has been whipping up a storm on the live circuit all year and that looks set to continue into 2013 as they start to take their sound in a new and exciting direction.

Centre Excuse - In Your Mind is out now

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