Jenn Bostic - Jealous Of The Angels

Jenn Bostic - Jealous Of The Angels

Artist: Jenn Bostic

Single: Jealous Of The Angels


Rating: 5/5

Jenn Bostic has been whipping up a storm with her music in her native USA and this week she releases her first UK single in the form of Jealous Of The Angels.

And it is a moving track for this Christmas time as it is inspired by the death of her father when she was just ten years old.

This is such a beautiful piano driven track that is packed with emotion and feeling - it is a song that is really resonating with anyone who has ever lost anyone.

Bostic pours her heart and soul into the lyrics and you can really feel the personal connection as the emotion comes through with every single word.

She has such a beautiful voice and the ballad suits her well as she is able to show off both her range and her power with.

Jealous Of The Angels is one of the most beautiful tracks to be released this year and it is a song that gives listener the chance to remember and reflect on those that you may have loved and lost and only someone with a heart of stone can not be moved by this track.

Jenn Bostic - Jealous Of The Angels is out now

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