Limozine - Tokyo 1970

Limozine - Tokyo 1970

Artist: Limozine

Single: Tokyo 1970

Label: Beat Atlas Records


Rating: 4/5

Limozine have already released three uber successful albums and 2013 is going to see the band release a forth in the form of You’ve Been Limozined.

And this week they are giving us a little taster of what to expect from that record with the release of their new single Tokyo 1970.

And this is a pulsating track that mixes rock and puck fantastically to deliver a bruising yet incredibly energetic single.

There is a real swagger and attitude to this track as it is packed with great melodies as well as dirty guitar riffs that are just fantastic.

Limo Dean delivers a really gritty vocal performance that is supported well by the driving guitars that are at the heart of this track.

Tokyo 1970 is one of the rock tracks that will just get stuck in your head from the minute that you hear it and it is a track that is just going to awesome live.

It is good to have Limozine back and Tokyo 1970 is a pure slice of rock and roll - the album promises to be one to watch out for in 2013.

Limozine - Tokyo 1970 is out now

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