Revere - Keep This Channel Open

Revere - Keep This Channel Open

Artist: Revere

Single: Keep This Channel Open


Rating: 3.5/5

Revere caught everyone’s attention when they took part in a Battle of the Bands type competition for Channel 5 and now the seven piece are back with their new single Keep This Channel Open.

And this is a rather infectious tune from the band who has been whipping fans into a frenzy this year with a whole host of festival appearances.

They deliver music that has a real energy and a bit of an epic feel to it - not to mention that the melodies are just fantastic.

This is a track that brings together synths as well as some fantastic sounding strings and it almost reminds you of the early music that The Killers use to release.

The vocal from Stephen Ellie is incredibly rich and warm and it really does draw the listener into the track.

These Halcyon Days is the B-side to the single and this a great rock track that is just as upbeat and energetic as the single itself.

It is not hard to see why Revere are making such a stir as while they are very much an indie/rock band their use of a range of instruments on their songs gives them a rather unique sound.

There is an album coming in early 2013 and I have to say if all of the tracks are like this I am very much looking forward to it.

Revere - Keep This Channel Open is out now

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