The Procession - Cease & Desist

The Procession - Cease & Desist

Artist: The Procession

Single: Cease & Desist

Label: Circular Records


Rating: 4/5

The Procession has already grabbed everyone’s attention with their EP Sometimes and then their debut album You Are Now Leaving The Future and this week the band are back.

Cease & Desist is the latest track from the four piece and the latest song to be lifted off that great debut album.

If you have not had a chance to check out The Procession then Cease & Desist is a great place to start as this is one of the best and most anthemia tracks on the album.

There is an energy and a passion that drives the track forward - not to mention that the bassline on this are just fantastic.

There is a deepness to the bass that really does grab your attention and gives the track a certain depth. On top of that you have the great vocal performance from James Best.

There is also a stillness to the verses before it crescendos in the chorus and the contrast in pace really does work so well.

The Procession really has made their mark this year with a great debut album and there are big things on the horizon for this band over the next twelve months.

The Procession - Cease & Desist is out now

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