Robert Vincent - Life In Easy Steps

Robert Vincent - Life In Easy Steps

Artist: Robert Vincent

Album: Life In Easy Steps

Label: Demon Blue


Rating: 5/5

Robert Vincent has been in a series of bands during his music career but this week sees him strike out alone with his debut solo album.

Vincent has always been a great singer-songwriter and we saw evidence of this in his previous EP releases as he mixed elements of folk and rock to deliver his own signature sound.

And that sound is on show in all of its glory with Life In Easy Steps as this is an album that is not to be missed and Vincent is a solo artist that we should all be keeping an on this year.

Light of the Stars is the opening track on the album in a great acoustic fashion as Vincent’s fantastic voice and song writing skills are on full view.

Vincent has a beautifully deep and rich voice and he allows the emotion to just pour through with every word that he sings.

The acoustic guitar is supported by some beautiful piano work and it really is one of the best tracks on the album - not to mention a great introduction to the rest of the record.

Vincent’s music has a heavy country influence and that is shown in second track Burns and this genre of music really does suit his voice.

Riots Cry is the track where we really get to see Vincent’s rock roots for the first time in a track that has a real old school sound to it.

Vincent shows off the higher range of his voice with this track and he sounds like a completely different artist.

Single Life In Easy Steps is another tremendous track and was the first single to be released from this record.

Again there is a country and an Americana influence to this track as Vincent’s vocal is supported by some great pedal steel guitar work.

Robert Vincent is an artist who tells a story with every single song and this album has an incredibly personal and emotional feel to it.

There isn’t a single weak track in this record as Vincent has poured his heart and his soul into every single song and every lyric - the likes of Who Are you To Say and Second Chance are incredibly powerful tracks; particularly the latter.

Robert Vincent is an artist that everyone should be getting incredibly excited about his produces music with a real passion and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Robert Vincent - Life In Easy Steps is out now

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