Julia Channel

Julia Channel

Parisian songstress, Julia Channel has seen her passion for music culminate in launching her own record label - Black Sheep Records.  Her new single ‘Forever in a Day’ is set to become a club anthem thanks to the super electric remix by the awesome Willy William and written by English RnB singer songwriter Varren Wade.

The re-mix, taken from her upcoming album ‘Colours’ is hitting clubs across the UK and is already causing quite a buzz with D.J’s applauding the awesome dance track. 

Mastered by American DJ and rapper Big Ali (creator of Jumpoff show hosted by Dr Dre on MTV) and French DJ/producer Willy William of the famed Euro dance collective - Collectif Métissé, notorious for its official bootlegs and remixes for LMFAO, David Guetta (Sexy Bitch) and many more.   

Now living in Fulham, London for the past few years, Julia is renowned in her native France for being the first black adult movie star, making over 12 movies during 1992-1994. 

After passing her exams at 16, she went on to study literacy and foreign languages at an Italian University in Paris, which she’d hoped would land her a job as an Italian interpreter at the European parliament. 

Whilst studying, Julia started modelling on the side for swimsuit and lingerie shoots which lead onto glamour modelling.  Here she was approached by a prolific German Director at that time - Nils Molitor to make an adult movie, where she flatly declined at first but then agreed as she was struggling with bills and student fees.

Julia’s naivety made her believe these movies would stay underground and just be her little secret - it was all or nothing.  The success of her initial movies attracted production houses from L.A to call on her services where she stayed for longer than she had initially intended, life was good; travelling all over the world filming, dining in the best restaurants and enjoying the party circuit. 

The flip side to her success meant she had to cut herself off from her family and friends for two years whilst she immersed herself in the Adult film industry making the majority of films in the USA, Italy and Germany, most famous of which are ‘La Venus Bleue’ and ‘Reves De Cuir’. 

Julia quit the industry in dramatic fashion after a trip to Congo in 1994 where she documented the plight of Congolese Aids victims for a French magazine (Hot Video).  Armed with just a back pack and a photographer from the magazine she saw first-hand the full horror of men, women and children dying of Aids. 

"The adult movie industry in the early 90’s isn’t what it is today; actors played a game of Russian roulette with their lives. 

"Considering I made over 140 movies and nothing happened to me is a miracle!  I have no regrets in life but deter other girls from entering the porn industry at whatever cost because you will never be able to hide the fact you made these films ever, there is no hiding from it!"

Since then, she has dedicated herself to Hip Hop; she is the face of the ‘Homecore’ street clothing brand alongside French rapper Joey Starr and has presented iconic show ‘Hip Hop Channel’ on the MCM network in France where she was perfectly at home interviewing Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson and Alesha Dixon.