The nation spends weeks anticipating the mouth-watering treats enjoyed during the festive season, days shopping for food and drink to cater for family and Christmas guests and hours preparing the ultimate turkey feast.

Despite the time invested in festive dining, three in five (61%) admit they gobble down their Christmas dinner and don't take the time to savour their food, according to new research conducted by Gaviscon.

Given the rush to clear plates piled high, it's unsurprising a quarter of us (25%) feel bloated and uncomfortable after eating Christmas dinner and one third of us (35%) wish we hadn't eaten so much, potentially impacting on our enjoyment of socialising with family and friends.

Gaviscon has been investigating the nation's holiday habits and reveals the food and drinks which we most look forward to over the Christmas period, with some surprising results. Roast potatoes top the list, showing their year-round popularity, pipping festive favourites such as turkey and mince pies to the post. Yorkshire pudding trumps Christmas pudding, as do 'love them or hate them' Brussel sprouts (see below for the top 10 Christmas foods and drink).

Top 10 Festive Foods & Drinks

1. Roast Potatoes (74%)

2. Turkey (58%)

3. Stuffing (56%)

4. Chocolate (52%)

5. Pigs-In-Blankets (50%)

6. Mince Pies (48%)

7. Wine (48%)

8. Yorkshire Pudding (43%)

9. Brussel Sprouts (42%)

Almost half of the people surveyed by Gaviscon (49%) admitted to over-indulging at Christmas. With rich, fatty foods such as gravy, roast potatoes and pigs in blankets all appearing in the top 10, it's no wonder one in five people (22%) have experienced heartburn or indigestion after Christmas dinner.

However, rich and fatty foods are not the only potential triggers for symptoms of heartburn and indigestion - dashing from party to party and the stress of buying the perfect gift may also cause digestive discomfort.

Gaviscon believes in enjoying life to the full and not letting heartburn or indigestion spoil Christmas celebrations. As experts in helping people relieve their symptoms, it has compiled some useful tips to help you feel full of festive cheer this season:

Don't rush your Christmas dinner this year

Don't rush your Christmas dinner this year

  • Turkeys may gobble, but we don't have to! Slow down and savour every mouthful of your festive feast.
  • Head out for a stroll - it will help you digest your Xmas dinner AND avoid the washing up! #winning
  • Mulled wine, mince pies, chocolates and sweets? Christmas treats are best enjoyed spaced throughout the day.
  • Get your stretchy pants ready to give you room to conquer your turkey feast!
  • Rushing around ticking every item off your Christmas list? Remember to set aside enough time to relax and de-stress.
  • Time for Xmas pudding? Swap brandy butter with low fat yogurt for a healthy tasty alternative.

To spread the cheer further, Gaviscon has launched a competition to win a luxurious dinner for two worth up to £500 at a Michelin star restaurant. People can enter the draw by sharing one of Gaviscon's useful heartburn and indigestion tips on Facebook from 16th November to 24th December. Full details and T&Cs are available on the Gaviscon website (

If you do end up suffering from symptoms of heartburn and indigestion over the holiday season, Gaviscon Double Action can help. It comes in a soothing liquid as well as handy tablets and sachets and gets to work instantly, neutralising stomach acids for indigestion relief and forming a protective barrier on top of stomach contents. The soothing formulation contains sodium alginate which forms the strong barrier to prevent acid reflux, while soothing the oesophagus. Lasting up to twice as long as antacids, Gaviscon will help protect you from the very first mince pie of the season to the last.

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