The alcohol looks set to flow over the next few weeks as the biggest work bashes of the year the annual Christmas parties hit. The heady combination of alcohol and festive joviality could result in a fair few red faces, as more than a quarter (29%) of Brits admit to having felt embarrassed by their behaviour after drinking alcohol at a work Christmas party, according to new figures released today by Cancer Research UK's Dryathlon®.

It's the young Brits (18 to 24 year olds) that may have the worst morning-after dread, as more than half (54%) say they have been left cringing at their behaviour after drinking alcohol at a work Christmas party. Perhaps the mistletoe could be to blame, as more than a quarter (28%) revealed they have kissed a colleague. One in eight confessed to doing the 'walk of shame' the next morning, wearing clothes from the night before in daylight!

Working Brits are starting the party early with over half (52%) saying they had their first alcoholic drink before 7pm at last year's work Christmas party. Taxis might have had to be called early for the 12% of working Brits who admitted they felt the effects of the alcohol before 7pm.

It could be those working in media who wake up with the sorest heads this year; as out of workers listed. Brits believed that it's people working in this industry that would drink the most alcohol and stay out the latest at a work Christmas party.

When it comes to the hierarchy of a company, out of several options of company positions, workers in junior posts were voted as those who would consume the most alcohol at a work Christmas party. Despite having deeper pockets, it appears it's the "big wigs" that will be on their best behaviour this year, with just seven per cent of Brits thinking directors would consume the most alcohol at a work Christmas party.

The survey, which asked around 2,000 adults about their drinking habits over the festive period, was commissioned by Cancer Research UK to mark the return of Dryathlon - the original month-long dry challenge.

Anthony Newman, director of brand, marketing and communications at Cancer Research UK, said "The festive party season is now well and truly upon us and, in addition to the much-anticipated work Christmas bash, there are bound to be nights out with friends, family get togethers and post-work pints on the cards this December. Whilst for most of us a couple of drinks goes hand-in-hand with the festivities, there's the risk some of us will overdo it a bit and be left, as we've found, a little red faced!"

"We all know that feeling of overindulgence which can hit at the end of December. As the diary calms down and 2016 looms, we are asking the nation to join us by putting a cork in their drinking this January and take on Dryathlon to raise money to help beat cancer. It'll be a welcome break from the excesses of December and cutting out alcohol doesn't mean cutting out fun - we want all Dryathletes to get out there and enjoy themselves, knowing that they have kick started a healthy 2016 and are raising money for life-saving research. Sign up today and think of a sober January as a month with one less sin!"

Since 2013 170,000 Dryathletes have raised over £17 million for Cancer Research UK's life-saving work. Dryathlon will run from 1st January to 31st January 2016, with registration now open at

Brits get carried away at Christmas work parties

Brits get carried away at Christmas work parties

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