Samsung Business has revealed that 24% of Brits will only consider a job if it means they can work from home occasionally, with flexible working rated more important than being given a gym membership (4%) or health insurance (9%). Over half of Brits (51%) would rather be able to work flexibly than have other work benefits.

And they're in luck; the research from the tech giant shows that only 2 in 5 Brits (39%) now work a full five days in the office, with a blessed 10% working less than a whole working day in the office.

However technology is keeping the majority of us back from being able to work at home; over a third (37%) of those questioned thought that their laptops and phones provided by work weren't up to scratch to let them do their job properly from home. In fact over one in ten (13%) thinks their technology is so outdated they're embarrassed to get it out in public.

Brits are increasingly working from more remote and unusual locations, with one in four (24%) believing they are actually more productive when not working from the office. Over a quarter (29%) admitting that they had worked in a supermarket, sun lounger or even the gym.

The research comes as Samsung launched Samsung Business this month, a service that offers businesses bespoke solutions delivered by Samsung's innovative products. Samsung uses the latest technology to improve business operations in the retail, hospitality, transport, education, government, finance and healthcare industry.

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New research reveals that Brits want to work from home

New research reveals that Brits want to work from home

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