Here are five ways your body will thank you for binning the booze this January.

1. Clearer skin

Those grey circles that signal too many late nights over the festive season are often caused by dehydration, as booze saps the moisture from our skin, leaving it looking dull and tired. Put some colour back in those cheeks by giving alcohol a rest and upping your water intake - and don't forget to smile!

2. Reduce bloating

Fizzy alcoholic drinks can be a key cause of bloating, which can lead to discomfort as the post-christmas bulge threatens to spill over those jeans. Cutting out the fizzy booze can give your body a head-start in banishing the bloat, not to mention helping reduce your waistline overall. Want to know how many calories you could save just by giving up alcohol alone this New Year? Head to and check out the handy alcohol calculator. It's probably more than you think!

3. Energy

You've got a hangover, it's cold and wet outside, and bed feels like the only place to be - not this January! Ditching the booze and getting outside and active in the fresh air, can really help increase energy levels and help give your mood a much-needed boost!

4. Immune System

January is a time when coughs and sneezes are par for the course, as offices, public transport and communal areas become a hot-bed for those pesky germs. As our immune systems gear up to combat whatever gets thrown at them, drinking lots of alcohol can make it harder for them to ward off those colds and flu bugs. Don't give germs a chance! Give yourself a head start against those sniffles by giving alcohol the heave-ho and avoid that red-nosed look.

5. Libido!

It's hard enough getting frisky at this time of year, when there are 18 layers of clothing to contend with, but alcohol can have a negative effect on our sex-drive, making it even less likely we'll want to get up to mischief! Giving alcohol the cold-shoulder could help boost your libido as well as helping you to keep warm under the covers! It's a total win-win.

Cancer Research UK is challenging the nation to test their willpower this January by putting down their wine glasses and binning their beers with the return of Dryathlon - the month long booze-free challenge.

Give up alcohol for the month of January

Give up alcohol for the month of January

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