A study revealing that every second Brit passes on unwanted gifts makes online retailer Gifts.co.uk launch a new regift wrap service.

Have you ever opened a Christmas gift you had no use for, before wrapping it up again and re-gifting it to someone else (saving a few quid at the same time)?

It may be taboo, but surprisingly, a survey conducted by online retailer, Gifts.co.uk shows: The majority of Brits, 58%, have re-gifted presents at least once.

"We'd like to think that the gifts we provide would never be unwanted, but we do appreciate how annoying it can be to receive two of the same thing. With that in mind, we wanted to run a survey to find out exactly what the most re-gifted items were. We were surprised that every second Brit has passed on unwanted gifts, and re-gifted them to others!!" says Colin Kippenberg CMO and Co-Founder of Gifts.co.uk.

The survey also illustrated what the most likely presents to be re-gifted are, with toiletries topping the list with an overwhelming 49%. Alcohol is second with 25% and candles and calendars follow with 19% and 18% respectively.

Socks also made the list, which reinforces the claim made in Gifts.co.uk's controversial Christmas social media campaign "no one likes socks for Christmas." The claim is made by a foul mouthed, badly behaved sock, as he ruins an otherwise perfect British family Christmas, in three videos that have already clocked up 100,000 views on youtube.

Most likely presents to be re-gifted

• Toiletries 49%

• Alcohol 25%

• Candles 19%

• Calendars & diaries 18%

• Socks 13%

• Clothing 13%

• Jewellery 13%

• Toys 10%

• Food 7%

Re-gifting Service

So, not sure whether the recipient of your present will like it? Gifts.co.uk has the answer! When purchasing a gift from them, you can select their regift wrap service! They will put an extra piece of wrapping paper in the box - the exact size of the gift, so that if the recipient doesn't like it, then they can re-wrap it and re-gift it to someone else (who remains none the wiser!).

For further information about this ingenious service, please see- http://www.gifts.co.uk/re-gift-wrap-service

Gift.co.uk launch a regifting service

Gift.co.uk launch a regifting service

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