Academics have revealed that work really does bring out the animal in you and that your inner office animal can be determined by 15 simple questions.

Office supplies retailer Office Kitten commissioned the study that evaluated the neatness of your office desk, how you behave in meetings, what you do in your lunch break and how you react to criticism amongst other criteria.

From this, academics were able to identify 15 well-recognised personality types including wise owl, strutting peacock, cunning fox, silverback gorilla and timid kitten.

Applying some digital wizardry to the science, they have created an online tool to help you pinpoint your animal self in this dog-eat-dog world.

What's more, the test will help identify if the job you're doing is right for you.

One thing's for certain! You will never look at the people you share the office with in the same way again.

The tool was developed by Dr. Sandi Mann, Senior Psychology Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, by analysing possible subconscious motives that prompt even the simplest of choices.

Dr Mann said "We've all worked with some snakes and some gorillas in our time and it takes all sorts of creatures to make up a successful office. You might think you know what type of worker you are but this fun quiz will show your true colours straight away. And once you've uncovered your inner office animal, why not find out what your colleagues are really like too? It's good to know how you compete in the working world's survival of the fittest!"

Ian Cowley, Managing Director of, comments "As we spend so much time in the office, it's vital to know who's who: the ones that will help when the chips are down or the ones who'd stab you in the back at the first opportunity. Getting the mix of animals right is crucial when it comes to creating a winning team. Bosses are the zookeepers who need to keep all the animals in check!"

Take the quiz now below!

What office animal are you?

What office animal are you?

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