A new watch created by Devon Works will bring you the power of the Dark Side. The limited edition timepiece includes all the little Star Wars details and references to make any fan giddy.

Devon Works

Devon Works

As a limited edition Devon product, it is of course made from premium materials and is full of crazy tech. It is designed to look like it was made from salvaged TIE Fighter parts, as well as the remains of Darth Vader's helmet. It has glass-reinforced nylon belts and micro-step motors which are said to have been sourced from an aerospace company. It will consume a considerable amount of power, but fear not, as it includes a lithium-polymer battery that recharges wirelessly.

"The technology for our watches didn't exist. We had to create everything from scratch and invent as we went along," said Devon Works founder Scott Devon. "This project came into being because of our revolutionary design and desire to strive for something different."

The company is only making 500 of these watches and one will cost you $28 500 (£18 500) with a $2 500 (£1 620) down payment required for the pre-order.

Limited Edition Timepiece