Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Though Victoria and George are traditional favourites for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child, much of the public believes that the royal couple should pay tribute to the late Princess Diana and name the baby after William’s mother, if they have a girl.

A survey carried out by popular baby website, found the public hoping that William and Kate would have a baby girl and name her in honour of the late Princess Diana.

Over 80 per cent of those polled by hoped that the royal couple would choose a traditional name, with a minority thinking they should go for something unique for the baby, who could one day be King or Queen. And 72 per cent hoped the baby would be a girl.

James Macfarlane Managing Director of said: "This is reflected in the survey results, with George and Alexander leading the way for the boys, Victoria and Diana for the girls. And there's another suggested tribute to the Princess of Wales, with one-in-ten suggesting Spencer as a boy's name.

"But would the Palace old guard accept the Diana connection? Interestingly, only one of the top twenty names on our database appeared near the top of the royal baby poll," said James, "Amelia's been a very popular name recently - probably because of the Doctor Who factor, so why not?"

Right down at the bottom of the heap come the more imaginative and outlandish name suggestions, with one per cent suggesting Aurora, the name of the princess from Sleeping Beauty. The boys don't get off lightly, with one suggestion of Piers.

"That would keep at least one Britain's Got Talent judge happy if nothing else," said James.

These results mirror the odds given by most bookmakers, with Victoria and George favourites at odds of 10-1 at William Hill, and Elizabeth, Charles and Diana coming up on the rails. Hopeful punters might like to put a pound on Waynetta at 1,000-1.

Further research by the site showed that half of people thought the baby would have blue eyes, 28 per cent thought the baby would have brown eyes, and 52 per cent think the royal tot will have brown hair while 36 per cent said the baby would be blonde.

More people thought the baby would look like William rather than Kate and only four per cent thought it would be a big baby.

According to polls:

Most popular boys names for the royal baby

George, Alexander, James, Spencer, Andrew.

Most popular girls names for the royal baby

Diana, Victoria, Amelia, Elizabeth, Mary.

Least popular boys names for the royal baby

Piers, Elliott, Francis, Caspar, Johsua.

Least popular girls names for the royal baby

Katherine, Sarah, Aurora, Niamh, Eleanor.

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