How many toys do your children have?

How many toys do your children have?

Though many families are feeling the pinch, new research has revealed that the average 3-10-year-old’s bedroom is filled with a whopping £1,200 worth of toys - almost five times the value of toys parents had when they were youngsters.

One of the driving forces behind the steep increase in the value of children’s toy chests is the popularity of expensive tech and gadgets designed for children, according to the poll of 1,000 UK parents commissioned by Playmobil. More than 30 per cent of parents surveyed admitted their child owns a games console, whilst one in seven under the age of ten owns a tablet.

Mirella Cestaro, Editor of Toys n Playthings Magazine said: “It’s a parent’s worst nightmare to give a child a Christmas present that they get bored of within hours.

“Every toy has its place, right from the latest gadget and gizmo to traditional knights, pirates and princess play sets. The key is to shop smart and choose a toy that will allow children to develop and, most importantly, provide hours of fun."

With the lure of electronic toys becoming increasingly harder to resist, parents are struggling to find the perfect present for children and strike a balance between tech and tradition.

Almost a third of the mums questioned said their child’s favourite toy doesn’t require batteries, and the toys their child loves to play with the most are classics such as cuddly toys, bikes and play sets.

Jamie Dickinson, Marketing Manager for Playmobil UK, said: “It’s encouraging to see that despite the prevalence of electronic toys, parents are still championing traditional play.

“Gadgets can be great fun, but when a child is given a tablet or console game, for example, they can only go as far as the game will allow them and for as long as their attention is kept. A traditional toy lets children lead their own playtime; whether a princess drives a recycling truck, an astronaut leads a pirate raid or dinosaurs visit a nativity scene – there’s no limit to their imaginations,” he said.

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