Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping

Time poor women are struggling against the clock with two in five forced to give up annual leave in favour of festive shopping.

Research from labels-for-less retailer, TK Maxx reveals work pressures are responsible for almost half (47 per cent) of British females having no free-time to complete the Christmas chores; 25-34 year olds are the busiest with 14 per cent taking two days annual leave to buy gifts and one in 20 taking nearly a whole week off in order to cope with the pressures of the holiday season.

The sacrifice of these holidays equates to £1.2 billion in wages, driving the cost of the average gift up from £29 to £53. The nation as a whole stands to spend on average £2.9 billion on gifts this festive season as the cost of a present no longer comes down to just the price tag.

What little time the nation does have left is exhausted on the streets shopping for gifts for loved ones. Lucky kids get one hour 35 minutes spent on them, but poor old granddad is at the bottom of the pile with an average of just 40 minutes spent researching and buying gifts for him. 

TK Maxx spokesperson, Helen Gunter said: "The research has found Brits are struggling more than ever to fit all the Christmas jobs into their busy schedule; however their commitment to Christmas means many are taking time off work to ensure they fit it all in.

“In the current climate, we’re also keen bargain hunters spending time to ensure we find those special unique gifts for our friends and family at the right price.  It’s about being a bit of a gift genius so Christmas can be affordable on both the wallet and the watch.”

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