Opening Christmas presents

Opening Christmas presents

Mums and dads across the country would be advised to get an early night this Christmas Eve as kids’ excitement of opening their presents proves too much to handle come Christmas morning.

New research from Sainsbury’s reveals that over 1.1 million 8-15 year olds will be waking up before 6am to open their Christmas presents this year. Dubbed the ‘6am stampede’ – excited kids will head straight for their stockings and the presents under the tree come Christmas morning.

The anticipation of whether they’ve made it onto Santa’s ‘good list’ is just too exciting to sleep in for, as by 8am a total of 4.5 million British kids will be out of bed running to grab their presents from under the tree.

For some, even 6am isn’t early enough, with 170,000 kids planning to wake up as early as 4am on Christmas morning – in the hopes of, maybe, catching a glimpse of Santa himself.

The study by YouGov, commissioned by Sainsbury’s also revealed that for 78 per cent of kids, waking up early on Christmas Day to find their presents under the tree is their favourite Christmas moment.

Despite the excitement of opening presents, the poll also revealed that children find giving presents just as exciting as receiving them, with 43 per cent of kids saying they enjoy watching other people open presents they have helped choose, just as much as opening their own.

When asked what kind of presents they like receiving the most, 60 per cent enjoy receiving gifts that they can share with their family just as much as they enjoy gifts that they can play with alone.

Clare Barton, Head of Seasonal Buying at Sainsbury’s, said: “For many parents, Christmas morning is one of the few mornings where they don’t need to set an alarm clock. However this year it’s clear that their kids will act as human alarm clocks as excitement levels soar come Christmas morning.

“We all remember being a child on Christmas morning and waking up to find our gifts piled underneath the tree. The surprise and delight of opening presents on Christmas day is one of a series of memorable Christmas moments to celebrate, and for kids, it’s the most exciting one yet.”

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