Mums and Dads Head new Advice Line for Family Cruise Holidays

Mums and Dads Head new Advice Line for Family Cruise Holidays

Dubbed the ‘Royal Mums & Dads’ advice line, the new service, championed by Royal Caribbean International, is a travel industry first and strengthens the cruise line’s position at the forefront of family holidays. 

The specialist phone line is operated by knowledgeable parents who work for cruise line Royal Caribbean with comprehensive experience of planning, booking and taking family cruise holidays with their own children, as well as giving valuable first-hand advice to consumers.

Janna Thomson, who is one of the Royal Mums at Royal Caribbean International and mum to Maddison aged eight, said: “Trying a new kind of holiday for the first time can be daunting but it’s always reassuring to talk to another parent who has already cruised with their children. 

“By sharing our own favourite family holiday memories and answering questions, we will aim to provide all the information that a mum or dad would want to know before taking to the ocean waves with their children.”

The Royal Mums and Dads can answer questions about taking children on a cruise, from what is on offer to keep them entertained, to health and safety questions.

Royal Caribbean International promises that all the staff on the Royal Mums line have cruised recently, many of them several times in the last few years. Some of the Royal Mums have teens, whilst others have younger children, so they are able to offer frank and insightful feedback on what to consider when cruising with children of different ages.

Offering a dedicated advice line for parents thinking about taking a cruise for the first time follows the cruise line’s significant growth in the traditional family package holiday market.

Over the past ten years the number of British families taking a Royal Caribbean International cruise has grown by over one third, with many families taking to the sea for the very first time.   

Dominic Paul, vice president and group managing director of Europe, Middle East and Africa at Royal Caribbean International, and proud dad to four young children, said: “Our Royal Mums and Dads are united by their passion for spending fun and quality time with their children.

“Before I took my children on their first cruise I quizzed other mums and dads to get their true feedback on if this was the right family holiday for us. Reassurance for any parent is important – we all want to have the best time together with our children.

“We hope that by offering the no-obligation Royal Mums and Dads phone line, more people can make informed decisions about the best holiday for their family. The resulting happy smiles from my children are some of my favourite memories.”

Staffed by working mums and dads, the Royal Mums advice line is open between 9.30am and 2.30pm every weekday.

Mums and dads working for Royal Caribbean International were recruited as specialist advisors for the Royal Mums telephone line. Full profiles on all the Royal Mums and their family holiday experiences and top tips can be viewed at

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