With news of the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy causing headlines worldwide, and superstar couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West preparing to welcome their first child, UK child safety manufacturer, Clippasafe, is urging all mothers-to-be to protect their bumps when travelling in cars.

Parenting on Female First

Parenting on Female First

Ever the independent Duchess, Kate Middleton has been spotted driving herself numerous times, during which the safety of mother and unborn baby should always be a priority. Designed for use from two months pregnant up to birth, the Advanced Bump Belt ensures the seatbelt lies across the lap and does not ride up onto the pregnancy bump.

In the case of an impact, it makes sure that seat belt is correctly positioned to transfer the pressure through the hips and pelvis, instead of the womb, reducing the risk of serious injury to both mother-to-be and the unborn child.

Clippasafe Managing Director, Roger Cheetham, said: “Many expectant mothers are unaware of the damage a conventional seatbelt can do to your bump in a car accident, so we want to make sure that all mums-to-be are aware that there is a simple solution.

“The Duchess of Cambridge may be a member of the Royal Family, but she still needs all the help she can get to help protect the unborn heir to the throne! We’ve even sent Kate a complimentary Advanced Bump Belt in the hope that she will take note of the dangers and protect herself and her bump whilst out and about on the road.”

The stylish Advance Bump Belt design includes a non-slip fabric on the underside of the belt to ensure maximum comfort for expectant mothers while driving. Seat belt attachments have also been upgraded to include secure press-studs.

The Advanced Bump Belt is easy to fit and move between cars, so it’s just as effective in the passenger seat of the royal fleet as it is in a more purse-friendly family runaround.

With the addition of a releasable adjuster buckle to the car seat securing strap it is ideal for both short trips and longer journeys and its high quality finish means it will remain in excellent condition for use during another pregnancy.

The Advanced Bump Belt is available from a wide range of retailers as well as online at www.clippasafe.co.uk.

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