Prince William

Prince William

Britain's Prince William has been singing to his unborn child.

The future king is expecting his first baby with wife Kate, also known as the Duchess of Cambridge, and is so keen to bond with the tot, that he has begun talking and crooning lullabies to his spouse's ever-growing bump.

A source said: "He read somewhere it's never too early to start talking to your baby and he's taken the advice to heart even though it's not due until July.

"Kate thinks it's adorable. He's even been telling their bump some of the old stories his mother Princess Diana used to make up for him and Harry when they were kids.

"It's become an almost daily ritual for William to chat to her bump and sing a lullaby or song."

William is determined to be a hands-on father so has also been watching YouTube videos on how to change a baby's nappy.

The source added to Now magazine: "He's even been checking out nappy-checking videos on YouTube.

"His brother Prince Harry thinks it's hysterical and can't stop making fun of him but it's all good spirited."

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