More and more are applying for jobs in the tourism sector

More and more are applying for jobs in the tourism sector

The UK is a nation of aspiring tour guides and hotel bed testers according to stats released today by leading careers website UKSP.

The survey, aimed at highlighting some of the most interesting and unusual roles available in hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism (HLTT), shows that nearly 15% of people dream of a job as a tour guide, whilst over 11% fancied making a living testing the snooze factor of beds for a hotel chain.

Other high fliers in the top ten include events planner, development chef and water park tester at 3, 4 and 5 respectively, with traditional HLTT positions such as travel agent and holiday park entertainer ranking surprisingly low in the survey, with just 4% and 1% of the vote.

The top scoring role of tour guide proved particularly attractive to older respondents, with nearly one in three over 45s picking it as their dream HLTT job, whilst the role of events manager topped the poll for the 16-24 year old age group, with one in five of the votes.

The great news for those keen to pursue a career as a travel or tour guide is that the number of roles in this field have been projected to increase by nearly 10% between 2010 and 2015, in part due to the boost in tourism expected from the 2012 Olympics Games, with an estimated 1,500 new positions being predicted.*

Lesley Potter from UKSP said of the survey findings:

“Although this was a light hearted poll, we were pleasantly surprised to see that tour guide came out on top as the most popular HLTT job above some of the more quirky and fun sounding options, such as water park tester and director of fun, because it shows that people have a genuine interest in working in the industry and interacting with customers.”

There has never been a better time to start a career in hospitality, tourism and travel, as the sector continues to flourish and the demand for skilled staff increases. We currently have a great range of vacancies available in this field with some of our Good Employees, so if you’re keen to turn your dream HLTT job in to reality, why not register with us at

Marc Zakian works as a Blue Badge Tourist Guide in London

“Working as a Blue Badge tourist guide is a privilege and a pleasure.   I am a passionate enthusiast for Britain’s cultural heritage, and what better occupation than spending time sharing this with visitors to London. 

“For anyone with an outgoing, engaging personality and an interest in the history, culture and stories of the place they live, being a tourist guide is an ideal job.”

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