Duchess Catherine

Duchess Catherine

Britain's Duchess Catherine is attending a dinner to celebrate the Team GB's Olympic success at Buckingham Palace.

The event will be hosted by Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh and Catherine will be going without the support of her husband Prince William, who has been forced to return to work as a search and rescue pilot in North Wales.

A source told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "He's had a lot of time off lately - with his Diamond Jubilee tour and so on - and he has to work."

The dinner next week will see Olympians including Sir Chris Hoy and Mo Farah attending.

It is the second time in recent weeks Catherine has been left to go to an event solo - she recently visited Newcastle by herself when William went to the funeral of his former nanny Olga Powell.

While there she proceeded to charm onlookers when she hugged a schoolboy who requested a cuddle.

When she saw him opening his arms for a hug, she responded: "Am I going to get a cuddle as well?"

She then leaned over the barrier and gave the youngster - who was wearing his school uniform under a green hoodie - a full hug.

Terry was shocked to have received the response he did and thought she was "really nice".

He said: "It was good. I was hoping to get a hug from her when we came here this morning. I never actually thought it would happen. I can't believe she hugged me back. She was everything I thought she would be. She was really nice."