Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

A politician thinks Queen Elizabeth should move to a bungalow in Bromley.

Green Party member Jenny Jones - who came third in the London Mayoral election last year - has suggested the British monarch should consider moving to a bungalow in Bromley or Sutton in south London, giving up her palatial homes.

She wrote on Twitter: "Have started a blog on why the Queen should live in a comfy bungalow in Bromley or Sutton. We expect too much of her. (sic)"

The 63-year-old former Deputy Mayor of London, who resides in Southwark, south London, added: "Am not sure yet who'll publish the blog."

The tweet received many responses, including one suggesting the queen should move into a retirement home.

Jenny replied: " Yes. Somewhere with [Prince] Philip."

The London Assembly member later told one follower that her comment wasn't intended to be "cruel".

She added: "I didn't mean to be cruel. She and Philip could choose a suburb, obviously."

The politician was invited to visit the queen's home, Buckingham Palace, in 2004 when she was named one of the 200 Women of Achievement.