Prince Charles

Prince Charles

British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has dismissed Prince Charles'concerns over the royal succession law.

The future king has reportedly expressed fears the proposed changes would jeopardise the position of the Church of England, but the politician has assured him it won't.

He said "extensive discussions" had taken place with the Royal Household during the drafting of the law which will allow first-born girls to inherit the throne and lifts a 300-year ban on royals marrying Roman Catholics.

He told the Commons: "There is absolutely nothing in the provisions that will alter the status of the established Church in this country and the monarch as head of that Church."

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, while Charles backs the principle of the law, which would mean the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first child becomes queen if it is a girl, he fears it could have "unintended consequences".

This is because if one of their children married a Catholic, and brought their children up in that faith, they would face strong questions over their suitability to become Supreme Governor of the Church of England.