Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco

Prince Pierre Casiraghi of Monaco

Monaco's Prince Pierre Casiraghi has been hospitalised following a vicious brawl in a Manhattan nightclub.

The 24-year-old royal - who is the son of Princess Caroline - reportedly became embroiled in a fight with a stranger at an exclusive New York hotspot on Saturday night (18.02.12) because he was allegedly "jealous" that he was chatting with three catwalk models.

While the prince was said to be the one who first confronted former nightclub owner Adam Hock, the 47-year-old businessman is believed to have punched Pierre and sent him flying across a table to the other side of the room.

One onlooker told the Daily Mail newspaper: "Pierre's face looked broken, with deep cuts and blood everywhere. He looked like he needed plastic surgery."

Mr. Hock has since been charged with four counts of assault against the prince - who was left with blood streaming from his face following the incident - and three of his friends.

However, his lawyer Sal Strazzullo claims his client was acting in "self defence", and slammed Pierre as "jealous trust-fund babies".

He said: "My client was with some very, very nice women and Mr. Casiraghi became jealous of who he was with. They wanted some recognition [from the women] and it happened because of that. My client acted in self- defence, it was an unprovoked attack.

"I don't know why Mr. Casiraghi got jealous about my client - he is from a humble background. My client is not Bruce Lee. These four guys are trust-fund babies who think the world is owed to them. They are like spoiled brats."

Among those sat at Mr. Hock's table at the Double Seven club in Manhattan's Meatpacking District were catwalk models Natasha Poly, Valentina Zalyaeva and Anja Rubik, and the club's owner, Jeffrey Jah.

Pierre - who is known as the "party prince" - was taken to hospital for treatment, but released a short time later.