Sarah Ferguson - Duchess of York

Sarah Ferguson - Duchess of York

Britain's Duchess of York tells her daughters to smile, as "nobody wants to see a grumpy princess".

Sarah Ferguson is full of advice for Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie when they are in public because she wants to make sure the girls are grateful for their royal status.

Speaking on US show 'Today' yesterday (13.09.12), she said: "I say, 'If you're on the public pavement, smile - because nobody wants to see a grumpy princess.'

"And I say, 'The minute you're out of the front door, you're in public, and if you don't want to go out, don't go out. And if you do go out you've got to be nice and realise how lucky you are.' "

She also thinks humility is important for her daughters and doesn't hold back in praising how "incredible" they are.

Promoting her 16th children's book 'Ballerina Rosie' - which is dedicated to her daughters - the 52-year-old duchess aims to give young girls confidence and wants them to "dare to dream".

Sarah fully supported her ex-husband Prince Andrew - who is the father of Beatrice and Eugenie - when he abseiled down London's The Shard building earlier this month, and revealed he called her beforehand.

She explained: "We're a very good family, we believe in total unity and he's a great papa bear."