Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson

Britain's Sarah Ferguson flew into India yesterday (05.11.12) for a party organised by Naomi Campbell.

The Duchess of York - who is a long-term friend of the supermodel - was spotted arriving at Jodhpur Civil Airport for the event, which the brunette beauty is arranging for her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin's 50th birthday.

According to MailOnline, an onlooker also spotted music producer Quincy Jones touching down at the airport shortly before Sarah got there.

The party is due to take place tomorrow (07.11.12) at the 15th century Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, and around 200 guests from as far afield as New York, London and Moscow are believed to have been flown to India for the spectacle.

Sarah has been in the Indian capital of Delhi to raise cash for the Indian Head Injuries Foundation (IHF) at the Delhi Commonwealth Women's Association (DCWA) in Zamrudpur.

The duchess said: "I believe it's my duty as a public figure to spread awareness and raise funds for this foundation. I don't believe in being just a name on the writing paper."

The foundation was established by Gaj Singh II of Jodhpur in 2007 after the maharaja's son, Shivraj Singh, suffered a serious head injury while playing polo in 2005 and he was rushed into a coma, where he remained for two months after doctors discovered a clot in his brain - but Sarah said he is now doing "pretty well".

She added: "Shivraj and I are friends. I have also known Babji. I knew Shivraj before the accident. He is now doing pretty well, thanks to the work his father has done.

"It has proved that someone can retrain the brain even after extensive damage."