Reportedly, Prince Albert of Monaco would love Vin Diesel to play him in the movie called 'Royal Ice.'

Prince Albert with Princess Charlene

Prince Albert with Princess Charlene

Prince Albert, who is maried to the former South African Olympic swimmer Princess Charlene is having a movie made about his life and he suggested that Vin Diesel would be an ideal candidate for the job.

The 57-year-old royal is looking forward to the film but admitted he hadn't "really given that much thought" to who might play the role, "though I hope it would be someone reasonably athletic."

He told PEOPLE "I really have no preference, maybe Vin Diesel or someone else who is slightly balding?"

'Royal Ice' will tell the story of how the prince led a bobsleigh team to the Olympics and has already been likened to the comedy classic 'Cool Runnings.'

However, the prince has been quick to downplay the obvious comparison and also insisted that the movie was not his idea.

He said "We're not trying to make 'Cool Runnings', which is an excellent film."

'Royal Ice' is set to be released in 2018, which will mark the 30th anniversary of the team's first Olympic appearance.

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