Harry Arter would be disappointed not to make Euro 2016 but he says events in his private life would put missing out in perspective.

Arter puts Euros selection into perspective

Arter puts Euros selection into perspective

Arter and his partner suffered the tragic death of their baby daughter when she was stillborn just five months ago and the Bournemouth midfielder admits the pain of the events is still raw.

The 26-year-old says he will do all he can to make the Republic of Ireland's final 23-man squad for France but knows it's not the end of the world if he misses the cut.

Arter said in an emotional interview: "It's still pretty raw, I don't mind talking about her. Yeah of course I want to do her proud. I'm proud to say she was my daughter and I want to try and do her proud if she's watching.

"Before that, going to the Euros and being in the squad probably would have been the be all for me, I probably would have been devastated. I certainly know what devastation means now, and it has a completely different meaning to me.

"If I did miss out it would be a disappointment, but not a devastation," he added.

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