McLaren’s Fernando Alonso says he still has concerns regarding the plans to introduce a halo system in Formula One.

Alonso retains halo concerns

Alonso retains halo concerns

The sport is looking to improve safety features on cars following the tragic death of driver Jules Bianchi in July 2015.

A halo system, which would protect drivers’ heads from flying debris, is one of the standout proposals that have been put forward by the F1 hierarchy.

However, Alonso still thinks there is some progress to be made before the system can be safely introduced into the sport.

He said: "When I tried the halo in Singapore, one of the things I noticed was getting out of the car is a little bit uncomfortable, where you have to put the feet and where you have to jump.

"For this reason they have delayed its introduction just to make sure we cover all of the possibilities.

"Maybe there is a way of making the halo somehow removable in a way we can jump out of the car a little bit quicker."

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