Jenson Button has joined a number of drivers in expressing doubts over a new rule regarding radio communication during races.

Button unsure on radio rule change

Button unsure on radio rule change

Formula One's governing body, the FIA, have been active in the off-season and introduced a number of new regulations to the high-octane sport.

One such measure means the drivers will not be able to speak to their team as much during a Grand Prix, with the hope that it will make those behind the wheel more accountable for their actions and possibly better racing for the fans.

Whether or not the rule makes any difference only time will tell, but Button has questioned whether the powers that be will be able to police the regulation properly.

"They won't be able to listen to every message," he said. "Hopefully they can listen to as much as possible, to make it as fair as possible."

While Button does not mind the rule change, his team-mate, Fernando Alonso, believes it is an odd tweak to existing rules given the way of the world.

"Instead of instinct from the driver, we will follow what we agreed two hours before the race," he stated.

"It's strange the direction that they are going in the era of communication and technology. Formula 1 try to restrict it, which is probably not the normal way to go."