Romain Grosjean claims Haas are on a learning curve in their first Formula One campaign and he expects further progress in 2017.

Grosjean expects Haas improvement

Grosjean expects Haas improvement

The 27-year-old French driver made the surprise decision to leave Lotus for the newly-formed American team at the end of the 2015 season.

And his decision appeared to be a masterstroke when he finished sixth and fifth in this season's opening two races in Australia and Bahrain respectively.

However, things have since turned sour for Grosjean and Haas as Sunday's brake explosion at the Malaysian Grand Prix was the latest mechanical failure to blight the team.

Despite the issues which have hit Haas, Grosjean claims their debut season in the sport can be viewed as relatively successful given that they are still finding their feet.

He said: "It's the first year, we're learning, these things happen. People forget that it's our first year, we've scored 28 points. Here we were 12th on the grid in front of Renault, in front of Toro Rosso, in front of Sauber, and not far off Williams.

"We are not doing bad for a first season. We are actually doing very good."

"You would expect that we will have some problems," added Grosjean. "And I think we can accept a bit less as the problem comes not from our side but from the suppliers.

"We need to get things right and operate everything correctly and we won't have those problems any more."

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