Esteban Gutierrez has admitted he's been surprised by the level of support received from Haas as his future remains unclear.

Gutierrez surprised by support

Gutierrez surprised by support

The Mexican has failed to pick up a single point for Haas this term on the team's return to the grid, although he has finished 11th on five occasions.

The 25-year-old's future with Haas remains uncertain and he has been left in limbo as other teams start to fill their seats for next season.

Gutierrez admitted he has been surprised by how much support he has received from Haas and feels they have been very understanding.

"I'm actually surprised how much they're supporting. It's very positive." Gutierrez said. "You make a big effort, and you see people realise that, and they see how you are performing, and they also consider I didn't have the opportunities.

"It's also frustrating for them because they want me to be successful, they want me to get good results, but they are there behind me.

"We are talking about the guys who are the big decision makers, the very important people, who are very important for my future, so it's fantastic."

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