Lewis Hamilton has backtracked on his initial claim that Mercedes don't want him to win the world title after another engine failure.

Hamilton calms his conspiracy theory

Hamilton calms his conspiracy theory

The 31-year-old British driver is chasing his third successive Formula One Drivers' Championship this season, but saw his hopes literally go up in smoke in Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix when his engine burst into flames on lap 41 as he looked on course for a comfortable 50th career win.

Instead of Hamilton moving back in front of Silver Arrows team-mate Nico Rosberg at the top of the standings, he now sits 23 points adrift of the German, who recovered well from a first-corner collision with Sebastian Vettel to snatch third behind Red Bull duo Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen.

With only five races remaining, it now looks like it is Rosberg's championship to lose and Hamilton initially suggested that his team are working against him.

"Someone doesn't want me to win this year," he said.

"My question is to Mercedes. We have so many engines made for drivers, but mine are the only ones failing this year. Someone needs to give me some answers because this is not acceptable.

"We are fighting for the championship and only my engines are failing. It does not sit right with me."

However, Hamilton appeared to have calmed down when he addressed the written media two hours later and added: "On one side, we have had the most incredible success for these two years of which I am so grateful. These guys work so hard and we are all feeling the pain right now.

"But when you get out the car, the feeling you have after leading the race and the car fails, it is pretty hard to say positive things all the time.

"Mercedes have built 43 engines - with the extra three that I have had - and I have happened to have most, if not all, of the failures. That is definitely a tough thing, but I have 100 per cent confidence in these guys. I have been with them for four years, and I have 100 per cent faith."

Hamilton also claimed he was referring to the 'man above' and a 'higher power' when he said someone doesn't want him to win the drivers' title this year.