Lewis Hamilton says he would love to see old-style corners back in Formula One racing as places such as Donington Park were tougher.

Hamilton eyes tougher tracks

Hamilton eyes tougher tracks

There is much debate in Formula 1 at present as to whether the sport has become a bit too sanitised to the detriment of the excitement.

Investigations are ongoing into whether grand prix circuits need to be made tougher to improve the quality and spectacle on view for the thousands watching.

F1’s new managing director of motorsports, Ross Brawn, is in charge and Hamilton was among those critical of the 2017 season finale in Abu Dhabi for promoting a lack of overtaking.

The four-time world champion praised the sport's governing body but admits there are changes required.

"The FIA have done an amazing job but they’ve really got to stop with these run-off areas - you shouldn’t be able to cut a corner like you see [drivers doing]," he said.

"What I love about the olden days - of course you don’t want to crash, but if you go wide you’ve got to lose time. Now you can approach a corner knowing that if you go in five per cent too much, you can go wide and come back on. I don’t love that.

"I used to love Oulton Park and Donington. Donington, Old Hairpin was a nightmare - you have to come off the brakes and run the speed in, use the downforce."

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