World Champion Lewis Hamilton has questioned why Formula One is not as loud or as exciting as Formula Two.

Hamilton wants louder cars

Hamilton wants louder cars

The four time World Champion was speaking after picking up two BRDC Awards and spoke about F1's state of affairs, with none other than CEO Chase Carey in attendance.

Hamilton is not alone in questioning the lack of noise that the current engines make and he also wants the racing to be closer like it is in Formula 2

"From a racing driver's point of view you just want to be able to race closely like you could in karts," said the Mercedes driver. "I hope they make the cars louder.

"You can have bigger tyres. Why did Jackie [Stewart] have big tyres back in the day and we've got smaller tyres? Maybe a little less downforce, maybe we can race closer.

"There's no reason why a GP2 race or F2 or whatever you want to call it should be louder and sound better, and be able to have better racing, and follow closer.

"And that's what we've somehow got to make in F1, while it's still faster than the other classes."

Hamilton says he is happy with what new owners Liberty Media had done to improve the overall show but claim there was still along way to go to catch up with other sports.

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