Red Bull F1 advisor Helmut Marko has downplayed the presence of a first-choice driver between Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo.

Marko downplays first-choice driver talk

Marko downplays first-choice driver talk

Questions were raised about Riccairdo's future with the Milton Keynes outfit after Red Bull intimated they would build a team around Verstappen after he penned a new deal.

However, Marko is adamant there is no number one driver at Red Bull and both drivers are treated equally by the team.

"I didn’t favour [Max], but in qualifying he was most of the time faster," Marko said.

"With seven DNFs his season was not a walk in the park and sometimes his morale was really down, but it was a steep learning process for him and he came out better than he was before. His two wins were the proof.

"We don’t have a number one. Both drivers are equally treated and it is up to them to define the pecking order. I will always love the faster one!"

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