McLaren feel Formula 1 teams will employ two-stop strategies this season due to a change in the tyres being used.

McLaren expect two-stop races

McLaren expect two-stop races

Pirelli will be introducing two new compounds for the upcoming campaign, both softer than the ones used during the 2017 season.

Teams tended to favour just one visit to the pits during last season as Pirelli changed the tyres to be more durable due to new aerodynamic regulations.

It allowed the drivers to push harder for longer periods but McLaren chief Tim Goss feels it will be all change this time around.

'They’ve released compound choices for the early races, we’ve looked at that and I think our opinion is that there will be an increase in tyre grip,' he said. 'That could be half a second to a second a lap, something like that, and there will be more bias to two-stop races than previously.

'We still think it will be a mix of one- and two-stop races, but biased more to two-stop races, so I think moving sensibly in the right direction. We’ve got to learn about the tyres.'