Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko insists he does not favour Max Verstappen over Daniel Ricciardo.

No favouritism at Red Bull – Marko

No favouritism at Red Bull – Marko

The Milton Keynes-based outfit finished third in the Constructors’ Championship behind Ferrari and winners Mercedes, as their drivers claimed a total of three race victories.

Verstappen picked up two chequered flags in Malaysia and Mexico, while Ricciardo's sole win came in Azerbaijan.

Reports have suggested that Marko and the rest of the team favour Verstappen, who signed a contract extension in 2017 but the Austrian insists they do not have a number one driver and are just keen to see both on the podium.

Marko said: “I didn’t favour him! But in qualifying he was most of the time faster. With seven DNF’s his season was not a walk in the park and sometimes his morale was really down – but it was a steep learning process for him and he came out better than he was before. His two wins were the proof.

“We don’t have a number one. Both drivers are equally treated and it is up to them to define the pecking order. I will always love the faster one!”