Max Verstappen has admitted he's not a fan of the new 'Halo' cockpit protection device that is being introduced into F1 this year.

Verstappen is no fan of the Halo

Verstappen is no fan of the Halo

The halo is a mandatory requirement for all cars on the grid in 2018 but its introduction has been met with criticism from fans, some drivers and pundits.

Red Bull star Verstappen admits he's not a fan of the development, calling it 'ugly' but knows it's more important his new car, which will be revealed on Monday, is faster than the 2017 version.

'The halo - that will be very ugly,' Verstappen said in a pre-season video interview with Red Bull. 'I am not looking forward to that. In general I hope the car will look great and hopefully it is fast.

'Hopefully it is a good step forward and we have got straight away a good car for the beginning of the year, so we are not really chasing, like we did last year. That is the most important for us.'

The Dutchman says because he's taller and heavier than a lot of his rival drivers, implementing the Halo and coping with it during races will be tougher for him to deal with than others.

He added: 'Because the halo is quite heavy, it will be more than six kilos, it is definitely not favourable for me,' he added.

'Being a taller driver and also a bit of a heavier driver than most, it is definitely not ideal. But I am not going to adjust my training for it, because otherwise I won't feel well during the races.'