Mercedes boss Toto Wolff admits the team will not make too many changes to Lewis Hamilton’s title-winning W08 car.

Wolff excited by 2018 car

Wolff excited by 2018 car

Hamilton powered to victory in the title race and also helped Mercedes win the Constructors' Championship alongside team-mate Valtteri Bottas.

Mercedes confirmed Hamilton's car did have teething issues last season, with the team giving the vehicle the nickname 'diva'.

However, Wolff admits he does not want to panic and make any unnecessary changes.

He told reporters: 'Some of the character traits from a diva, we like. The W08 was the fastest car in Formula 1, it scored the most pole positions and won the most races.

'So, you need to be careful not to dump the things that actually work on the car, just to remedy the difficulties the car showed. We analysed it properly and when we go testing in a month's time, we will see if the car is a little bit better behaved or not.'