David Haye

David Haye

A fight between David Haye and Vitali Klitschko could still go ahead despite talk that Haye has not applied to renew his fighter’s license.

Haye has always said that he would not fight beyond the age of thirty and he turns thirty one tomorrow. But the Klitschko’s manager Bernd Boente believes that a fight could still be on the cards.

Haye was last in the ring again Wladimir Klitschko - who handed the Brit just the second loss of his career.

Speaking to Daily Mirror Boente said: “I always knew from Adam Booth that David would retire on his 31st birthday, but the door for a fight against Vitali in the New Year is always a possibility.

“That would bring David back into the ring and it’s still an option. It would be against Vitali because, after the fight between David and Wladimir, there were no questions about them fighting again as Wladimir dominated every round.

“But with Vitali it’s a different story because he said that he has unfinished business and wants to see David on the floor.

“David has said that Vitali’s style is more for him and that he wants to beat him and have a unification against his brother. So everything is possible here.

“When the fight would happen would be in the spring the end of February or beginning of March, when Vitali is ready to fight again against David or another opponent.”

Haye has hinted that he would to have a career in Hollywood as an action hero when he eventually hung up his gloves.

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