Jordan Spieth is confident he will rediscover his putting form sooner rather than later.

Spieth plays down 'minor' putting slump

Spieth plays down 'minor' putting slump

The American has struggled on the greens of late but Spieth has no concerns regarding his abilities with the flat stick overall.

“I still believe that most of the guys who sit on this stage right here, if you ask them who they want putting on their team in a Ryder Cup, I believe they would say my name,” he said, as reported by GolfMagic. “I have no doubt in my abilities.”

“It’s just a minor slump. I’m just trying to get back. I got a little on top of it, and I was kind of hitting the ball into the ground with my hands pretty far forward, which is opposite to my natural tendency going back to when I was eight years old.

'I just got into a place I hadn’t been before, and I just kind of have to get back in a comfortable setup position. And everything will fall through from there.”