We take a look at the sport that is likely to one of the hottest tickets in town in Rio - Beach Volleyball action kicked off on day one of the Games - watch our video where sports broadcaster David Garrido gives you a quick guide on what to watch out for

Olympic Sporting Guide: Beach Volleyball

Olympic Sporting Guide: Beach Volleyball

It was one of the most popular sports at London 2012 and it's set to be even bigger in Rio. Competition got underway last Saturday and the excitement continues all the way until Friday 19th August at where else... the Copacabana... one of the most iconic beaches in the world... and a spiritual home to the sport of beach volleyball 

While Russia will be defending the men's competition this year, the Brazilian women who have dominated the sport alongside the USA since its introduction to the Olympics, 20 years ago at Atlanta 1996, will be looking for hometown glory.

David Garrido is one of the most highly respected and well recognised sports broadcasters in the business, so let's face it, he knows a thing or two.

He caught up with Issa Batrane and Andrew Clayton from British Men's Volleyball, for a quick guide to the game as well as some tips on the lingo you're going to be hearing when you tune in this weekend.

For all this and more watch our video, brought to you by Freedom Polarised Sunglasses and brush up on your beach volleyball knowledge before Rio begins.

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