Pep Guardiola has demanded no let-up in intensity from his Manchester City stars as they prepare to face Tottenham today.

Pep demands more from City

Pep demands more from City

City clawed back three times to grab a 3-3 Champions League draw at Celtic, with midfielder Fernandinho admitting the players were struggling to live up to Guardiola's orders.

But Guardiola insisted there would be no excuse for slackening off in their clash against second-placed Tottenham despite the effects of their midweek exertions.

Addressing Fernandinho's concerns, Guardiola responded: "I don't accept that - I wouldn't be happy. I want it to be the principle of all our games.

"That's why the players have to take care of themselves in their private life, sleep well, eat well, because the way we play is so demanding. People cannot escape - another one has to be there.

"The way I want to play is that way and it's much more simple to improve. But for the 90 minutes the players have to put in absolutely everything on the field - that's the most important moment in their lives."