Andy Murray

Andy Murray

Andy Murray believes that an Olympic Gold is bigger than a Grand Slam title.

Murray will represent Great Britain once again at the Olympic and he will be looking for a better showing than his first round defeat to Yen-Hsun Lu in Beijing four years ago.

This time around Murray will be playing at Wimbledon and have the home crowd behind him and he believes that a gold medal would be the 'ultimate achievement'.

Speaking to The Independent Murray said: "I would say that winning an Olympic gold is bigger than winning a Grand Slam.

"Everybody knows what an Olympic gold is. Everybody on the street knows about that anywhere you go.

"I think most people know what a Grand Slam is, but I don't think everybody does. The Olympics is bigger than tennis, bigger than the Slams for sure. It's a huge, huge competition, the biggest sporting competition in the world.

"It's just different. Within tennis I would say that when you finish playing, people would probably look at a Grand Slam before an Olympic gold, but in sporting terms an Olympic gold is pretty much the ultimate achievement."

Murray has a busy summer ahead of him as he will be looking to go further then the semi-final runs he achieved at the French Open and Wimbledon last year.

The 2012 London Games will follow swiftly after Wimbledon before Murray goes on the U.S. Open in September.

And he gets his clay court campaign underway this week as his is third seed at the Monte Carlo Masters where Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are also in the draw.

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