Caroline Wozniacki believes she has had a good run with assistant coach and sparring partner Sascha Bajin but it was time for a change.

Wozniacki explains Bajin split

Wozniacki explains Bajin split

Wozniacki has formed a good relationship with Bajin but the pair have decided to go their separate ways, with Bajin thought to be keen to become a head coach going forward.

Danish star Wozniacki, who claims she has many more years of tennis ahead of her, believes it is simply the right time for Bajin to move on.

She was quoted by Tennis World saying: "It's been a good run, and we've done really well together. But I know he wants to be a coach at some point, and that's not what I need on my team right now.

"I also think it would be good to get other types of balls back to work with, from some other types of hitting partners. They're usually pretty good at keeping me on my toes. So tennis-wise it's fine with something new."

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