An air filtering device could reduce climate change as it can "absorb carbon dioxide".

Air filtering device could reduce climate change

Air filtering device could reduce climate change

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working on a special device, which uses special charged plates to capture carbon dioxide.

Dr Sahag Voskian, a chemical engineer from the MIT, said: "The greatest advantage of this technology over most other carbon capture or carbon absorbing technologies is the binary nature of the adsorbent's affinity to carbon dioxide. This binary affinity allows capture of carbon dioxide from any concentration, including 400 parts per million, and allows its release into any carrier stream, including 100 percent CO2. All of this is at ambient conditions - there's no need for thermal, pressure, or chemical input. It's just these very thin sheets, with both surfaces active, that can be stacked in a box and connected to a source of electricity."

Whilst T. Alan Hatton added: "This carbon dioxide capture technology is a clear demonstration of the power of electrochemical approaches that require only small swings in voltage to drive the separations."

The carbon dioxide can then be stored and used for other purposes such as to carbonate fizzy drinks.