Amazon Prime Day customers have been warned about potential hackers.



The online shopping event - which kicks off today (15.07.19) - is likely to be a target for hackers using a phishing scam which first surfaced in May targeting account holders on the online retailer.

Security company McAfee has spoken out about the Amazon Phishing Kit, which lets attackers send a fake email leading users to bogus Amazon pages designed to trick customers into sharing sensitive information like their username or password.

McAfee advised: "We believe that victims of this kit will be led to the malicious websites via links in phishing emails.

"We recommend that if users want to check any account changes on Amazon, which they received via email or other sources, that they go to directly and navigate from there rather than following suspicious links."

The security firm urged users to be "vigilant" when it comes to unusual correspondence, even when it appears to be from a genuine account.

The blog continued: "To protect themselves, users need to be extremely vigilant when receiving unsolicited email and messages.

"This demonstrates how malicious actors use legitimate companies to leverage their attacks and gain victims' trust and it is expected that these kinds of groups will use other companies as bait in the future."